How to access the Self-Service Portal?

Depending on how your IT administrator has deployed this software, any of the following methods can be used to log into ADSelfService Plus:

Type in URL in a browser & launch ADSelfService Plus

Your administrator might have given you the name of site from which you can access ADSelfService Plus. In such situations:

Launch from the intranet site

Some administrators may prefer you to access ADSelfService Plus from your institution’s intranet site.

Launch from Windows logon prompt of your own computer

1 Gina/CP:

This setup is very useful when you forget password but still want to launch ADSelfService Plus from your own computer by clicking on a button added to your logon prompt (Ctrl+Del+Alt). However, this is available only if your IT administrator has installed on your machine a software component called ADSelfService Plus GINA.

How to know if the administrator has installed this component (referred to as GINA) on your machine or not?

2 Gina/CP Free:

Another way of launching ADSelfService Plus from your own computer. In this method,you are provided with a security account - a privilege offered to the users of ADSelfService Plus - via which you can access this application to reset your password.

This feature does not require the installation of Gina/CP software on your machine,hence gets the name Gina/CP free.

NOTE: These are the only two methods available by which you can use your own computer - even if denied entry - to reset a new password. Otherwise, you would have depend on the arrangements made by your IT admin or act according to his/her instructions.


Access using Mobile Apps

To facilitate self-service password management 'on the go', and to reduce dependencies on other users' computers and Windows logon clients, ADSelfService Plus has mobile apps supporting all major platforms.

1) iOS App

ADSelfService Plus has a native app for iPhone using which you can reset your password and unlock your account using your iPhone without depending on other users' computers.

Download and install the app using the QR code given below or from the app store. Once installed, open the app and start managing your passwords by yourselves on the go.

ADSelfService Plus iPhone App Download ADSelfService Plus iPhone app
Accessing ADSelfService Plus from iPhone Scan this QR code to download the iPhone app

2) Android App

ADselfService Plus has a native app for Android users too. The app has the same features as its iOS counterpart and can be installed on mobile devices running on the Android platform.

Download and install the app using the QR code given below or from the play store.

ADSelfService Plus Android App Download ADSelfService Plus Android app
Accessing ADSelfService Plus from Android Scan this QR code to download the Android app

Setting up the iOS and Android Apps

Before you can start using the app for password self-service, you have to configure the server settings so that the app can connect and communicate with the ADSelfService Plus server in your organization. To configure the server settings:

Note: You can also automatically set up the app by using the QR code provided in Step 2 of the Mobile Access pop-up. Log in to the self-service portal or click Forgot your password? link in a web browser and click Mobile Access button.

Test the connection by tapping the enroll button and logging in. If you are able to log on successfully, then you are good to go.

3) Mobile WebApp

You can also access the self-service portal directly from the browser of your smartphone and tablet running on any mobile platform including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

The following functionalities are supported by the mobile apps:

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